Coming Soon! ClickGOTM by Allsop Active

Introducing our ClickGOTM series, which offers a unique, quick-access feature, allowing you to easily text, answer calls, email or change music ALL while in stride! Through the easy-attachment system, users can quickly access their phone with a simple slide & click mechanism. And because that same mechanism is utilized throughout the series, the phone case is interchangeable from one piece to the next. The series includes:

  • ClickGOTM Sport Armband
  • ClickGOTM Sport Belt
  • ClickGOTM Bike and Stroller Mount
  • ClickGOTM Clip-On Strap Mount 

Available in two different sizes, designed to accommodate iPhone 4/ 5/6 and Samsung Galaxy Alpha/S5 mobile devices, plus other 4.5”-4.7” smartphones.  

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